Luseli (manga)
Luseli, as she appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji ルセリ
Name in Romaji Ruseri
Family Satora (fiancé)
King of Blanca (father)
Position(s) Princess of Blanca
Appearances Manga (ch. 230-236)
Luseli (ルセリ Ruseri?)
Princess of the Blanca Kingdom and Satora's fiancée. She refused to marry Satora until he put aside his sibling rivalry for the throne of Sava. Luseli was saved from bandits by Baran, and bared a resemblance to Baran's little sister, Yuka, who died many years ago. As such, Baran believed her to be a reincarnation and took it upon himself to protect her against her will. She was reunited with Satora when he, Kenshiro and Ryu travelled to Blanca to defeat Baran.


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