Madō Ryū Ken (魔導琉拳, Sorcery Stone Fist): Style appeared in Hokuto no Ken (Banpresto) videogame. Used for Hoshimu, a descendant of the Hokuto Sōke bloodline.


Zanfu Enpa (斬風燕破, Killing manner Swallow Break):

Anryu Hiha (暗琉霏破, Dark Lapis Lazuli Falling Break):

Hakura Messei (白羅滅精, White Gauze Destroy Purity):

Seimyo Danretsu (凄妙弾烈, Weird Strange Violent Snap):

Anryu Tenha (暗琉天破, Dark Lapis Lazuli Heaven Break):

Hokuto Senki Raidan (仙気雷弾, Wizard Spirit Lightning Bolt):

Majin Anryu Tenha (魔神暗琉天破, Evil God Dark Lapis Lazuli Heavens Break):

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