Madara (manga)
Madara, as he appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji マダラ
Name in Romaji Madara
Fighting Style Kazan Bunretsu Ken
Allegiance(s) Kiba Ichizoku
Family Fang Clan
Position(s) Member of the Kiba Clan
Appearances Manga (ch. 32-33), Anime (ep. 27)
Voice actor(s) Eiji Kanie
Madara (マダラ?)
Voiced by: Eiji Kanie
A werewolf-like member of the Fang Clan. He has sharp teeth and claw-like fingernails. He becomes enraged when he senses Kenshiro's presence. Kenshiro would paralyze Madara's jaw so he won't bite again and destroy both of his clawed hands. Kenshiro kills Madara with his Hokuto Hagan-Ken, which caused his head to explode before he could be pulled away.


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