Madara (manga)
Madara, as he appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji マダラ
Name in Romaji Madara
Fighting Style Kazan Bunretsu Ken
Allegiance(s) Kiba Ichizoku
Family Fang Clan
Position(s) Member of the Kiba Clan
Appearances Manga (ch. 32-33), Anime (ep. 27)
Voice actor(s) Eiji Kanie
Madara (マダラ)
Voiced by: Eiji Kanie
A werewolf-like member of the Fang Clan. He has sharp teeth and claw-like fingernails. He becomes enraged when he senses Kenshiro's presence and aura, attacking him with Kazan Bunretsu Ken. Kenshiro would paralyze Madara's jaw so he won't bite again and destroy both of his clawed hands. Kenshiro kills Madara with his Hokuto Hagan-Ken, which caused his head to explode before he could be pulled away.
In the anime, Madara has an additional scene in which the rest of the clan has to chain down Madara to prevent from killing the villagers after he goes berserk when shot with an arrow. When questioned by his father about his behavior, Kiba Daioh, Madara says he misses his fallen brothers and wants revenge too.

Video Games Edit

  • Madara appears in Hokuto no Ken - Seikimatsu. After enough Fang clan members are killed, Madara appears at a full moon and engages Kenshiro in a sub boss battle.
  • Shin Hokuto Muso has Madara appear as a generic member of the Fang clan without a unique fighting style or appearance.

Notes Edit

  • According to the guide, Fist Of the North Star 2000(ちなみに北斗の拳2000), Madara is the 98th child of Kiba Daioh.