Maihime (Female Dancer)
Mai hime1
The dancer, as she appears in True Savior Legend
Name in Kanji 舞姫
Name in Romaji Maihime
Fighting Style Rapiers
Allegiance(s) Raoh
Position(s) Dancer
Appearances Raoh Den: Junai no Shō
Maihime (舞姫 Lit. Female Dancer?)
An unnamed exotic dancer from Shura who was invited to Raoh's banquet by Souga to celebrate the victory over Meioh. Whilst performing an extravagant water dance before Raoh and his men, she launched a sudden assassination attempt on Raoh which was intercepted by Reina, who killed her with her sword. For this betrayal, Raoh killed Souga, Reina's older brother. Reina later discovered this was all a ruse organized by Raoh & Souga to discipline the troops, which Mai was also party to.


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