The Major
The Major, as depicted in the manga.
Name in Kanji 少佐
Name in Romaji Shōsa
Fighting Style Garrote, Whip (anime)
Allegiance(s) Golan
Position(s) Member of Golan
Appearances Manga (ch. 11-12), Anime (ep. 6)
Voice actor(s) Tomomichi Nishimura

The Major (少佐, Shōsa) was a Golan commando who used a razor sharp wire garrote that could decapitate people, as well as throwing knives. Kenshiro defeated Major with the Hokuto Sokin Jizai Kyaku, which forced the Major to decapitate himself.

Tv Series Edit

In the TV series, he uses a whip instead. Major was also present in at the training with Mad Sarge. The Major is forced to strangle himself to death.

Notes Edit

  • The anime only member of Golan, Captain, resembles the Major outside of not having a fake mustache.