Kondo in the manga

Masao Kondo

He works as the vice-principal in the same university with Kenshiro Kasumi and he desires to marry Aya Kitaoji as a way to become Univeristy President. He is very jealous of Kenshiro, but his attempts to discredit only make him look better.

He is a comical character in the series. Masao is a midget with a combover that he is unaware is obvious to everyone.

According to him, he has a 2nd dan in Judo, 3rd dan in Karate and an 8th dan in Japanese abacus(though his thought bubbles say he slightly increased a few ranks).

Kondo attemps to rescue Aya from some Honghua Hui thugs, only to himself be put in danger, but he is rescued by Ramon Kasumi. This is his last appearance

  • In the anime he is voiced by Kazuhiro Nakata and gets a few more appearances such as driving a fancy sports car.