Meioh, as he appears in True Savior Legend.
Name in Kanji 冥王
Name in Romaji Meiō
Alternate spelling(s) Meiou, Pluto, Hades
Fighting Style Claws
Position(s) Warlord
Appearances True Savior Legend, Ten no Haoh
Voice actor(s) Masuo Amada
Meioh (冥王, Meiō)
Appearing in Legend of Raoh: Chapter of Death in Love, Meioh is a rival warlord to Ken-Oh who wields claws and rides inside an armored vehicle. Raoh's forces ambush Meioh and his men, with Reina leading the vanguard. Raoh joins the battle to assist Reina and destroys Meioh with a touki blast.

Ten no HaohEdit

In the Ten no Haoh manga and anime, Meioh rules what was once Southern Cross and Godland. It's revealed that Gaiya is secretly controlling him with the Meidō Shin acupuncture technique, which wears off once the user dies.