Misshu (hnk4)
Misshu, as illustrated in the Hokuto no Ken 4 manual.
Name in Kanji ミッシュ
Name in Romaji Misshu
Alternate spelling(s) Missyu
Fighting Style Gento Kō Ken

Falco (father)

Myū (mother)
Position(s) The succesor of Gento Kō Ken
Appearances Hokuto no Ken 4, Hokuto no Ken (Banpresto)
Voice actor(s) Toshiyuki Morikawa

Misshu (ミッシュ) is the son of Falco and Myu, who was born posthumously after Falco died from his wounds fighting against the Nameless Asura. While Falco's child was never shown nor named in the manga, he would be developed into a full-fledged character in two different Hokuto no Ken video games that were produced after the manga ended. The two games offer differing backstories for the character despite sharing the same name, but both incarnations of Misshu ultimately grow up to succeed his late father as the Gento Kō Ken successor after defeating an evil usurper.

In video gamesEdit

  • In the Famicom RPG Hokuto no Ken 4, Misshu meets the hero in the town of Rozaria, the home of his late father. He joins the hero's party when he realizes they're heading to Madō Island (a former area of the Land of Shura) to pursue the evil masters of Gento Ryū Ken. When he was a child, Misshu was targeted for assassination by a man named Sagan, who sought to usurp him as the Gento Kō Ken successor. Misshu survived, but at the expense of his mother's life. As an adult, he seeks to defeat Sagan, now the leader and founder of the Gento Ryū Ken school, in order to avenge his mother and claim his rightful place as the true Gento Kō Ken successor. Misshu initially radiates a silver light, but it changes to gold after he defeats Sagan and proclaims himself to be the Gento Kō Ken successor. He continues to be part of the hero's party for the rest of his adventure. His name is spelled "MISSYU" in the ending credits.
  • In Banpresto's Hokuto no Ken adventure game for the Sega Saturn and PlayStation, Misshu is a central character in the game's third chapter. He was separated from his mother as a child and deprived of his memories by Barebi (a relative of Jakoh), who would go on to usurp him as the Gento Kō Ken successor and take over the Imperial Capital. Misshu would grow up to become a fighter in a distant land, having survived thanks to his innate knowledge of Gento Kō Ken (which he assumes to be a self-taught style). He is eventually hired by Barebi as a bodyguard and is tricked into fighting Kenshiro. However, he recovers his memories after the battle and turns against Barebi, killing him. He is reunited with his mother afterward and becomes the Gento Kō Ken successor.