Morgan, as he appears in the anime
Name in Kanji モーガン
Name in Romaji Mōgan
Fighting Style Vehicular homicide
Allegiance(s) Raoh
Position(s) Captain of Ken-Oh's Advance Squad
Appearances Anime (ep. 86)
Voice actor(s) Yasuo Tanaka

Morgan (モーガン, Mōgan) is an anime-exclusive character that was the captain of Ken-Oh's Advance Squad and maintains his authority with two hammer-wielding thugs. Morgan drives a jeep across the wasteland and blames his bad driving on mechanical problems and other frivolities, when he's obviously at fault. Morgan turns homicidal when anyone so much as implies that he needs to be careful behind the wheel, even murdering his own henchmen.

Morgan takes exception to being overtaken by Bat's buggy in the desert, and as revenge he has two of his minions destroy Bat's pride and joy.

Kenshiro, Bat & Lin travel to Morgan's town where they discover that Morgan terrorizes the populace daily with his reckless driving and brutally murders anyone who gets on his bad side. Morgan tries to run Kenshiro down with his car, but when that fails he sets his minions on him. While Kenshiro makes short work of his grunts, Morgan tries to make a quick getaway, unaware that Bat has sabotaged his car. Morgan loses control of the vehicle and crashes to his death in a fiery wreck.