Mrs. Hakuri
Mrs Hakuri
Mrs. Hakuri, as she appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji ハクリの妻
Name in Romaji Hakuri no tsuma
Family Hakuri (husband),
Ryu (adoptive son)
Position(s) Hakuri's wife
Appearances Manga (ch. 212)
Mrs Hakuri (ハクリの妻 Hakuri no tsuma?)
The wife of Hakuri and the adoptive mother of the orphaned Ryu. When stricken with an infectious disease, she and her husband quarantined themselves in a mountain retreat, forcing them to leave Ryu with Riseki. During Ryu and Kenshiro's unexpected visit, the place was attacked by Kouketsu's men, who came to seize the fertile land for their master. Ryu was too late to save her from the blaze but managed one last embrace with his adoptive mother before her death.

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