Mount Ryujin Guardian
Mt. Ryujin guard
Mt. Ryujin guardian, as he appears in the TV series
Name in Kanji 竜神山の番人
Name in Romaji Ryūjin san no bannin
Fighting Style Ninjutsu
Allegiance(s) Shin
Position(s) Guardian of Mount Ryujin
Appearances Anime (ep. 10)
Mount Ryujin Guardian (竜神山の番人, Ryūjin san no bannin)
A wild man who wears a bearskin and prevents intruders from reaching Dragon & Patra's hideout on Mount Ryujin.
He ambushes Kenshiro in the woods, attacking him with a variety of weapons, such as shurikens, grenades, a whip and knives. Kenshiro disables his arms with the Kyōsei (竅星) vital point and uses him as a guide to the summit of Mt. Ryujin. During the ascent, Dragon appears and punishes the guardian for leading Kenshiro to their hideout by setting him ablaze and making him plummet to his death.