Mù Dàhóng (沐 大洪, Moku Daikō) (c.v. Masuo Amada)
Wears dark glasses, has a metal plate on his head and a metal claw in place of one hand. Mu is almost always seen with  his friends, Chen Juanmin and Ping Yingzheng, together with the latter he is the least prominent of the Honghua Hui and compared to the other members in the Hónghuá  the two seem to have more humanity. In the Manga, he is last seen in the Hónghuá Huì‎ ship, which is later sunk. It is assumed Mu died offscreen with it.

TV Series Edit

Mu and Ping are seen trying to swim away from the ship's wreckage only to be shot to death by when they reach the port, this is witnessed by Chen who vows vengeance.