Nagato (manga)
Nagato, as he appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji ナガト
Name in Romaji Nagato
Fighting Style Chicken Claw Sword
Allegiance(s) Hyoh
Family Petero (father)
Tetsu and Yom (sons)
Position(s) General of Hyoh's army
Appearances Manga (ch. 191), Anime (ep. 133-142)
Voice actor(s) Kazumi Tanaka
Nagato (ナガト)
The second-in-command of Hyoh's army. Nagato and his four subordinates are some of the few Shura warriors who still have some humanity in them. He cherished Hyoh like a brother and hoped he would someday overthrow Kaioh and rule the land of Kingdom of Shura. However, when the corrupted Hyoh swears loyalty to Kaioh, Nagato and his four subordinates renounce their positions, saying Hyo was no longer he was once was. Hyoh curses them as traitors and kills them all. Hyoh also has his men burn down the village where he lived with Nagato, causing the death of one of Nagato's young sons.

TV SeriesEdit

In the TV series, Nagato offers shelter to the injured Shachi and Kenshiro. They also meet Nagato's father, Petero, who takes care of his sons after his death. Kenshiro also rescues both of Nagato's children.

Notes Edit

  • Nagato is speculated to be based off actor, Burt Reynolds.