Nagi (ten no haoh)
Nagi, as he appears in Ten no Haoh
Name in Kanji ナギ
Name in Romaji Nagi
Family Unnamed mother
Shimoto (brother)
Position(s) Child
Appearances Ten no Haoh
Nagi (ナギ?)
A small boy who appears in the Ten no Haoh manga.
When the Holy Emperor's army raid his village for child slaves, Nagi hides inside a dumpster with his brother, Shimoto. After Souther's forces have left, Nagi and his brother return to their mother but are soon met by Ken-Oh and his men. Raoh grabs Nagi with one hand and crushes him to teach him to fight against fear. Nagi finds the courage to bite Raoh's hand and is released from his vise-like grip.

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