Nanto Bishop
Nanto bishop
The Nanto Bishop, as he appears in Yuria Gaiden.
Name in Kanji 南斗聖司教
Name in Romaji Nanto Seishikyō
Position(s) Nanto clergyman
Appearances Yuria Gaiden
Nanto Bishop (南斗聖司教 Nanto Seishikyō?)
A high-ranking clergyman of the Nanto Seiken order who appears in Yuria Gaiden. Shin seeks an audience with him in order to be ordained as the successor of Nanto Koshu Ken and is put through the Nanto Jūnin Kumite. The bishop marvels at Shin's fighting talent as he handily defeats his opponents and declares him successor before he can deliver a fatal blow to his final adversary.

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