Nanto Gokuto Ken
Gokuto Ken (Shin) manga

(なん) () (ごく) ()

Kanji 南斗獄屠拳
Romaji Nanto Gokuto Ken
English Prison Slaughter Fist
School Nanto Sei Ken, Nanto Koshū Ken style
Gokusatsu Ken
Gokuto Ken

(なん) () (ごく) (さつ)

Kanji 南斗獄殺拳
Romaji Nanto Gokusatsu Ken
English Prison Murder Fist
School Nanto Sei Ken, Nanto Koshū Ken style

Nanto Gokuto Ken  (南斗獄屠拳 Prison Slaughter Fist).

The technique Shin defeated Kenshiro with when he stole Yuria away from him. A flying kick which cripples the enemy by slicing the tendons in their limbs. In the anime series, Shin performs this technique against Ken during their rematch, but it proves ineffective the second time around.
It is renamed Nanto Gokusatsu Ken (南斗獄殺拳, Prison Murder Fist) in the 1980s anime series and movie because the kanji (to) could cause offense to Burakumin butchers.[1] In the PC game Hokuto no Ken Gekiuchi 3, Gokuto Ken and Gokusatsu Ken are both featured as separate techniques.

Appears in Edit

Original Manga
Shin uses it on Kenshiro on page 181 of the 1st volume, titled "A Cry from the Heart" (心の叫びの巻 Kokoro no Sakebi no Maki?)
TV Series
Shin uses it on Kenshiro in episode 5, titled "Can the Flames of Love Burn in Hell? - You Are Already Dead!!" (地獄に咲くか愛の炎·おまえはもう死んでいる!! Jigoku ni saku ka ai no honō. Omae wa mō shinde iru!!?)
Shin uses it on Kenshiro in episode 22, titled "Conclusion of Chapter One - Julia Forever... As Well as Shin!" (第一部完結 - ユリア永遠に...· そしてシンよ! Dai-ichi-bu kanketsu - Yuria towa ni.... Soshite Shin yo!?)
It is titled in the English version of the original anime as Hell's Death Fist of the South Star.
Kenshiro Den
Jugai uses it on Kenshiro in the movie Kenshiro Den.


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