The five members of the Nanto Gosha Sei (南斗五車星?, "Five Chariot Stars of the South Dipper") are the sworn guardians of the Last Nanto General. They each represent one of the five cosmic elements (sea, earth, sky, fire, and wind) and are trained in their own unique fighting styles. Not much is elaborated on the origins of the Goshasei, other than the fact that Juza's style is a self-taught fist. The Goshasei are not counted among the 108 sects of Nanto Seiken.


Gosha Martial ArtsEdit

Hyui / Dan's style
Gosha Fūretsu Ken

Gosha Fūretsu Ken (五車風裂拳, Five Chariots Wind Split Fist): Hyūi's style, which allows him to manipulate the air to slice enemies and also to enhance his own speed.

Shuren / Gasshu's style
Gosha Enjō Ken

Gosha Enjō Ken (五車炎情拳, Five Chariots Passionate Flame Fist): Shuren's style, which allows him to manipulate phosphorous to incinerate his enemies, whilst he is protected from the flames.


Bakuretsu Enjo Ken jj

Bakuretsu Enjo Ken (爆裂炎情拳,, Exploding Passionate Flame Fist?): Attack with the combined powers of Hyui and Shuren. This technique is also featured in Juza Gaiden.

En Reppū Ken

En Reppū Ken (炎烈風拳,, Fire Gale Fist?): Another technique featured in Juza Gaiden. The combined powers of Hyui and Shuren.

Juza / Ujo's style

Garyū Ken

Garyū no Ken (我流, Self-Taught Fist): Jūza's style is free-form with no set stance and his fighting ability rivals that of Raoh according to Ryūken. Juza's style is comprised primarily of rapid kick techniques and grappling attacks.


Gekiheki Haisui Shō

Gekiheki Haisui Shō (撃壁背水掌, Strike-Wall Backwater Palm). Juza's ultimate attack. A concentrated blast of energy in close-quarters which causes the victim's body to explode. It would have killed Raoh if fully successful.

Koun Ryuei Ken

(呼雲流栄拳, Invite Cloud Flow Glory Fist):

Fudoh / Shelga's style

Gosha Sanga Zan

Gosha Sanga Zan (五車山峨斬, Five Chariots Mountain Slash): Fudoh's style, which is also referred to, by Raoh, as the Fist of the Ogre (鬼の拳, Oni no Ken). Fudō relies primarily on crushing his opponent with his brute strength and stature.

Hagan Geki

(破岩撃, Mountain Attack):

Rihaku style

Gosha Hasui Ken

Gosha Hasui Ken (五車波砕拳, Five Chariots Wave Crush Fist): Rihaku's style, which was invented for the TV series. It replicates the strength of a tidal wave with powerful flying attacks.

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