Nanto Hiryū Ken
Hiryu Ken

(なん) () 飛龍(ひ りゅう)

Kanji 南斗飛龍拳
Romaji Nanto Hiryū Ken
English Flying Dragon Fist
School Nanto Koshū Ken

Nanto Hiryū Ken  (南斗飛龍拳, Flying Dragon Fist)㊙

A series of rapid punches used by Shin against General Barcom in episode 21 of the TV series to counter a technique that gives Barcom the strength of steel. The result of the attack makes his enemy crack all over like rock before Shin deals a finishing blow. It is modeled on Kenshiro's own Hokuto Hyakuretsu Dan from the second chapter of the Hokuto no Ken manga pilot, which in turn was the prototype for Kenshiro's trademark technique, the Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken.

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