Nanto Ho-oh Ken  (南斗鳳凰拳, South Dipper Fenghuang Phoenix Fist): the ultimate form of Nanto Seiken represented by its successor, Souther, as head of the Nanto Rokusei Ken (Six Sacred Fists of Nanto). This freeform style typically has no stances and instead focuses on incredible speed and power. However, there is one stance which is only reserved for when facing a worthy opponent - Tenshō Jūji Hō (天翔十字鳳, Heaven-Soaring Cross Phoenix).

Similar to Hokuto Shinken, this style is taught in the ways of Isshi Sōden (一子相伝), meaning there can be only one master and one successor. The student must kill his master in order to complete his training.


Bakusei Ha (爆星波, Exploding Star Wave): Hokuto no Ken: Shinpan no Sōsōsei Kengō Retsuden original move. Souther sends a cross shaped projectile at his enemy.

Hōo Enbu Jin

Hōo Enbu Jin (鳳凰炎舞刃, Flaming Blade of the Phoenix): Hokuto Musou game original technique. Souther surrounds himself in a large aura shaped as though it were a phoenix. It seems to soar a few feet forward before it explodes the area around him. Souther ends the move with his arms outstretched in the air.

Hōo Kotō Kaiten

Hōo Kotō Kaiten (鳳凰呼闘塊天, Inmortal Phoenix): Hokuto Musou game original technique. Souther emits a yell and surrounds himself in a violent tinted aura. It boasts an extremely sturdy defense, making it difficult to damage him for a time.

Hōshō Jūji Hō (彷翔十字鳳, Resemble Soaring Cross Phoenix):

Kōzan Shō

Kōzan Shō (恒斬衝, Spirit Blade): Hokuto Musou game original technique. Souther empowers one of his hands, lifting it overhead for a violet aura. He hops into the air and spins, slicing the ground below in one motion.

Kyokusei Juji Ken

Kyokusei Jūji Ken (極星十字拳, Pole Star Cross Fist): Nanto Hōō Ken's signature attack. Souther surges forward at great speed and slashes a cross-shaped wound across the opponent's chest.

Kyokusei Jūji Shōha Fu

Kyokusei Jūji Shōha Fu (極星十字衝破風, Polar Star Cross Blast) : Hokuto Musou game original technique. Souther rushes forward and instantly slices the air with both hands. It appears the foes behind are untouched, but they explode as soon as he rises back to his feet.


Raitei (雷霆, Lightning Strike): Hokuto Musou game original technique. After shouting that he doesn't need love, lightning surrounds the area around him and sends foes flying. It cannot be blocked and creates abnormal effects to surviving foes.

Raku Ho Ha

Raku Ho Ha (落鳳破, Swooping Phoenix): Hokuto Musou game original technique. Souther hops into the air and summons a phoenix like the previous technique. This time, he sends the "beast" flying forward to trap several victims within it. As he lands, Souther signals one of his arms and it flies to the sky.

Seitei Jūji Ryō (聖帝十字陵, Holy Emperor Cross Mausoleum):

Shōzan Shō

Shōzan Shō (剽斬功, Hovering Slash): Hokuto Musou game original technique. Souther spirals himself into the air before he crashes back down to the ground, emitting an aura that stuns his foes away. As he laughs, his victims explode around him.

Tenshō Gunsei Kyaku

Tenshō Gunsei Kyaku (天翔群星脚, Heavenly Star Kick): Hokuto Musou game original technique. Souther rushes forward to uplift anyone in front of him off the ground. Whilst airborne, he slices them apart with a overhead kick.

Tenshō Jūji Hō

Tenshō Jūji Hō (天翔十字鳳, Heaven-Soaring Cross Phoenix): The one and only stance of Nanto Hōō Ken, it is only assumed when facing a worthy opponent. Souther holds his arms aloft and launches into a powerful aerial attack of breathtaking speed.

Yūshō Gaku2
Yūshō Gaku (悠翔嶽, Distant Soaring Peak): A rapid-fire stabbing attack used against Raoh in the Ten no Haoh anime.

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