Nanto Jūnin Kumite (南斗十人組手, South Dipper Ten Man Tournament)
A tournament held by the Nanto school where the challenger must defeat a series of ten Nanto fighters. If challengers from another school fail to complete the trial, they are punished with death.
Raoh entered a young Kenshiro into the tournament in order to assess his potential, while Souther, the successor to Nanto Ho-oh Ken, supervised it. Shu was Kenshiro's last opponent, and managed to defeat the boy. Despite Souther's order for Kenshiro to die as a result of his loss, Shu refused, blinding himself and sacrificing his vision instead.

Yuria GaidenEdit

In the Yuria Gaiden spinoff, Shin completes the Nanto Jūnin Kumite before the Nanto Bishop in order to become the official successor of Nanto Koshū Ken.