Nanto Jarō Geki
Nanto Jarō Geki (manga)

(なん) () (じゃ) (ろう)

Kanji 南斗邪狼撃
Romaji Nanto Jarō Geki
English Wicked Wolf Attack
School Nanto Sei Ken, Unknown style
Nanto Jarō Geki (anime)

Nanto Jarō Geki  (南斗邪狼撃 South Dipper Wicked Wolf Attack): A Nanto Sei Ken stabbing and slicing technique Jagi used against Kenshiro during their second battle. It is unclear if Jagi learned this move from Shin, Amiba, or Raoh. It was unnamed in the original manga and anime and its only designated Jarō Geki in the Hokuto no Ken: Shinpan no Sōsōsei Kengō Retsuden arcade fighting game. Kenshiro remarks that Jagi's Nanto Seiken technique is "slow" and an "insult to Shin's style".

Hokuto Musō’s version

Nanto Jarō Geki

Nanto Jarō Geki (南斗邪狼撃 South Dipper Wicked Wolf Attack): Jagi lifts his foe off their feet with one fist. He comically spins his other fist before punching with all of his might into his victim's lifted torso.

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