Nanto Kōkaku Ken  (南斗紅鶴拳, South Dipper Flamingo Fist; also can be translated as South Dipper Crested Ibis Fist): a form of Nanto Seiken represented by its successor, Yuda, as part of the Nanto Rokusei Ken (Six Sacred Fists of Nanto). It destroys enemies with long-range, vertical attacks. The speed of its techniques can slice the victim apart from the back without touching it.


㊙ = An "Ōgi" (奥義 secret) technique.

Yuda's Nanto Kōkaku Ken style

Denshō Reppa

Denshō Reppa (伝衝裂波, Tradition-Defying Rending Wave): a powerful vacuum wave that tears along the ground. It was unnamed in the manga. Kenshiro learned this technique from observing Yuda, and it was also used by Raoh against Kenshiro in the television series.

Kesshō Shi

Kesshō Shi (血粧嘴, Blood-Adorned Beak) : The ultimate Kokaku Ken attack that Yuda was about to perform on Rei before his defeat. In the 2005 Hokuto no Ken: Shinpan no Sōsōsei Kengō Retsuden fighting game, it is portrayed as a psycho crusher-style human torpedo attack. In the Ten no Haoh anime and game, Yuda shapes his hands into claws and repeatedly slashes at the enemy.

Tenketsu Bakuha!

Tenketsu Bakuha (点穴爆破, Pressure Point Blast) : Technique from the Ten no Haoh anime; it was intercepted before it could strike.

Yōsō Hazan!

Yōsō Hazan (鷹爪破斬, Hawk Talon Ruin Slash): Powerful vertical slice that killed Dagar by splitting him in half.

Zan's Nanto Kōkaku Ken style

Denshō Reppa (伝衝裂波, Tradition-Defying
Densho Reppa (Zan)
Rending Wave): a powerful vacuum wave that tears along the ground. Zan imitates his master's technique in Rei Gaiden.

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