Nanto Seiki Mōha
Seiki Mōha (manga)

(なん) () (せい) () (もう)

Kanji 南斗凄気網波
Romaji Nanto Seiki Mōha
English Awful Netting Wave
School Nanto Sei Ken, Nanto Suichō Ken style

Nanto Seiki Mōha (南斗凄気網波, Awful Netting Wave)

A rapid slicing technique which disintegrates the enemy. When Kenshiro defended against this technique, the boulder behind him was obliterated.

Appears in Edit

Original Manga
Rei performs this against Kenshiro in volume 4, chapter 35, titled "The Stone-Shattering Fist!" (岩を裂く拳! Iwa o Saku Kobushi!?)
TV Series
Rei performs this against Yuda's decoy in episode 53, titled "The Death Omen Star Looms!" (死兆星迫る! Shichōsei semaru!!?)

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