Name in Kanji ネバダ
Name in Romaji Nebada
Fighting Style Nanto Sei Ken
Allegiance(s) Amiba
Family none known
Position(s) Leader of Amiba's Elite Guard
Appearances Manga (ch. 50), Anime (ep. 36)
Voice actor(s) Akio Nojima
Nevada (ネバダ Nebada?)
In the original manga, he has a minor role as a nameless grunt who is killed by Rei shortly before he arrives to expose the False Toki's identity to Kenshiro.

TV SeriesEdit

In the anime he is given the name 'Nevada' and is captain of Amiba's personal guard. Rei recognizes Nevada, as he was once trained in Nanto Seiken along with Amiba, and figures out the imposter's true identity from that.


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