Nuclear War of 199X (199X年の核戦争, senkyū-hyakukyūjū-ekkusu-nen no kakusensō)
The global nuclear war that was responsible for setting the scene for the apocalypse. It was fought between an unknown number of nations, but eventually consumed the entire Earth. The Colonel explains to Kenshiro that it was started by the General.

Prelude to WarEdit

In 1935, the head priest of the White Horse Temple foresaw doom in the stars. The meeting of Hokuto Shinken and Hokuto Sanka Ken in China signaled the End of the Mandate of Heaven (Chinese and Japanese: 大天命亡; pinyin: Dà tiānmìng wáng; rōmaji: Dai Tenmei bō) and ruin to the land.[1] By the 1970s, war was already ravaging on the continent of south Asia. The land had been invaded by a powerful military nation and was on the verge of ruin.[2]

Ryuken Gaiden - The Judgement DayEdit

In the one-shot story Ryuken Gaiden, Jagi attacks a military base with his biker gang and the ensuing chaos leads to nuclear warfare. This story is probably not canon.


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