Numeri (manga)
Numeri, as he appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji ヌメリ
Name in Romaji Numeri
Alternate spelling(s) Slime, Scum
Fighting Style Unknown, holds sickle and knows pressure points.
Position(s) Asura
Appearances Manga (ch. 206), Anime (ep. 149-150)
Voice actor(s) Masaharu Satō
Numeri (ヌメリ, Lit. Slime)
A bald Asura thug with a cobra tattoo blazoned on his chest. He murders Samoto and his men, then taking the unconscious Lin for himself, knowing that Lin will fall in love with the first man she sees after having her Shikanhaku (死環白) point pressed by Kaioh.
For some reason he also knows the vital point required to awaken Lin, but before he can do so, Hyoh puts paid to his plan and blows him apart with a touki blast.

TV seriesEdit

In the TV series, Numeri and Samoto are combined into one character bearing Numeri's appearance but with Samoto's name and personality. Additionally Anime Numeri/Samoto is smaller in height and no longer holds a sickle.
Numeri/Samato and his minions invade villages looking for a bride, but they only find men and Numeri/Samato's terrifiyng appearance frightens away people despite his servants attempts to present Numeri/Samato as a a "Prince Charming."
In this version, one of his minions tells him about Lin's Shikanhaku, whereas in the manga Numeri already knew about her condition and Samoto was unaware.

Shin Hokuto Musou Edit

In the DLC map covering Lin's awakening, Numeri appears as an enemy, using a generic giant model.

Notes Edit

  • Numeri's knowledge of the pressure point Lin was under, Numeri may have knowledge about Hokuto Ryu Ken.
  • Samoto and his men all fearfully identify Numeri by name, this implies that Numeri is well known in the region.
  • Numeri has an anime model sheet which is simply labeled Numeri rather then Samoto as in the final anime. The modelsheet depicts Numeri as a giant with a sickle like the manga version of the character. This indicates early on Numeri was going to be a separate entity from Samoto in the anime.