At least two Nyoninzō (女人像 Woman Statue) appear in the Hokuto no Ken universe. Both are mystical objects that hold knowledge (聖櫃 seihitsu) of the Hokuto Sōke and Hokuto Shin Ken from millennia past.

Souten no KenEdit

Located in Tàishèng-yuàn. Inside the statue is a spire called the Spire of the Repose of Souls (鎮魂の塔 Chinkon no Tō). Inside of that is a magatama shaped like a Hebrew Yodh ( י ).

Hokuto no KenEdit

Located in Taiseiden. It was built to honor Ōka for her sacrifice. Inside of this statue is a Holy Spire (聖塔 Seitō). Inscribed upon it (which can be read by pressing the Keiraku Hikō Shihōrin) is the history of the Hokuto Sōke.