Ouka (manga)
Ōka (with baby Ryuou), as she appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji オウカ
Name in Romaji Ōka
Alternate spelling(s) Ouka, Ohka
Family Shume (younger sister)
Ryuou (son)
Shuken (nephew)
Position(s) Hokuto Sōke descendant
Appearances Manga, (ch. 207), Anime (ep. 150)
Voice actor(s) Mika Doi
Ōka (オウカ)
A woman of the Hokuto Sōke clan who existed 2000 years ago. At the time, she and her sister, Shume, were the only remaining descendants of the original bloodline. The Hokuto priests desired a male heir to conquer the war-torn land, and as an ill omen, both Ōka and Shume gave birth to sons on the same day: Ōka to Ryuou, and Shume to Shuken. The priests had the babies taken to a holy plateau and left to the mercy of the wolves, where the surviving child would be named successor.
Shume headed to the mountains to save her son, only to be caught by Ōka and the priests. It was then that Ōka discovered her sister was dying of illness. Moved by her sister's grief, Ōka overruled the priests and declared that Shuken would become successor over her own son. In return, she offered her life for Ryuou's and jumped to her death from the cliff. The priests honored her sacrifice and made Shuken successor. However, while Shuken never forgot the love of his mother and auntie, becoming founder of Hokuto Shinken, Ryuou and his descendants would forever search for the love they were denied.