Outlaw, as he appears in Hokuto Musou.
Name in Kanji 無法者
Name in Romaji Muhōmono
Fighting Style Chōtō Chihai Ken and various self-taught techniques
Allegiance(s) Raoh
Position(s) Thug
Appearances Hokuto Musou
Outlaw (無法者 Muhōmono?)
'Outlaw' is a playable character in the original Story Mode in Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage. He is available as downloadable content for Dream and Challenge modes and has no ending or story paths of his own. He is not an actual character in the original series, rather he is a single representation of the flood of brutes found within the Fist of the North Star universe.

Inspirations Edit

Outlaw take inspirations a wide variety of fighters in Fist Of the North Star which are listed below.

  • Outlaw's appearance comes from the Mohawked biker thugs common throughout the series who commonly have unusual hair colors and tattoos much like Outlaw. Outlaw's dialogue in Ken's rage 2 when attacked by Raoh reveals he is one of his minions like many bikers in the series.
  • Many of outlaw's basic attacks are references to moves in the series.
    • Outlaw uses claws for one his combos much like Club.
    • Another combo has Outlaw use a flamethrower much in the fashion of Flamethrower Man.
  • Outlaw's signature moves also reference various minor villains.
    • Outlaw's use of a saw is a reference to Jagi's minions doing so to villagers.
    • One special is Nanto Sōzan Ken, a knife throwing style used by Beji and Giji.
    • An attack involving outlaw bouncing on a spear appears to reference Habu bouncing on his staff.
    • An attack involves stealing a satchel seeds from an enemy in the vein of Spade.
    • Outlaw summons help to swing a two person sword just as two members of the Seitei Army attempted against Shu.
    • Echoing Gonzu, chains are shackled to an opponent to swing for a hammer throw.


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