Pān Guānglín (潘 光琳 Han Kōrin?) (c.v. Masaki Terasoma)

Called the "Tiger of Shanghai" he is the leader of the Qīng Bāng and brother of Pān Yù-Líng, he was also a close friend of Kenshiro Kasumi. While Kenshiro was away from Shanghai, his Triad gang members were killed one by one. He was tortured for a period of time by Wú Dōng-Lái, losing his feet from flesh-eating rats, because  desired Guānglín's girlfriend Yáng Měi-Yù. Kenshiro saved his life by amputating his already poisoned feet. He now walks with two prosthetic iron shoes.

Pan in the anime


Pan in the time when he was Wú Dōng-Lái's prisioner

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