Patra, as she appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji パトラ
Name in Romaji Patora
Fighting Style Nanto Ryujin Ken
Allegiance(s) Shin
Position(s) Member of KING
Appearances Anime (ep. 9-10)
Voice actor(s) Kazuko Yanaga
Patra (パトラ Patora?)
A practitioner of Nanto Ryūjin Ken ("South Dipper Dragon God Fist") who appears only in the TV series.
She is a sorceress who fights using illusions and is notable for being the first female villain that Kenshiro ever confronts. Among her slaves are the lovers Mika and Sam. Among her henchmen are a pair of men who use Nanto Komori Ken and a man who uses ninjutsu. She runs a human trafficking ring with Dragon for KING. Kenshiro blinds her after countering one of her attacks, causing her to accidentally walk into Dragon's flame breath, burning her alive while she falls from the castle heights.


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