Pige (manga)
Pige, as he appears in manga.
Name in Kanji ピゲ
Name in Romaji Pige
Fighting Style Unknown
Position(s) Asura
Appearances Manga (ch. 168), Anime (ep. 125)
Voice actor(s) Masato Hirano
Pige (ピゲ Pige?)
A mustached Asura who, along with Page, pursued Tao to drag him back to martial arts training. Tao refused to return because he was being forced to fight a friend. They decided to execute him for heresy but were stopped by Kenshiro. They initially mistook Kenshiro for the Rakshasa that was preying on Asuras at night, but they were both killed all the same.



  • Pige is a corruption of hige ( moustache).

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