Name in Kanji カシム
Name in Romaji Kashimu
Alternate spelling(s) Kasim
Fighting Style Sword fighting
Allegiance(s) Raoh
Position(s) Member of Ken-oh's Imperial Guards
Appearances Manga (ch. 58-59), Anime (ep. 41-42)
Voice actor(s) Yonehiko Kitagawa
Qasim (カシム, Kashimu, قاسم‎)
A member of Ken-Oh's Royal Guard. He appears with Zarqa after the death of Warden Uighur to thwart Kenshiro from meeting the imprisoned Toki. In order to repay their debt to Kenshiro for liberating Cassandra, Raiga and Fuga rush ahead to release Toki. However, they are caught in a booby trap set by Zarqa and Qasim, who torture the two rebels to death but are unable to stop them creating a path for Kenshiro.
While Zarqa is fighting Kenshiro, Qasim hurries to what appears to be Toki's cell and threatens to kill him. However, it turns out to be a prisoner decoy in disguise who panics and exposes the ruse, which Qasim kills him for. Kenshiro then proceeds to make Qasim involuntarily reveal Toki's real location before disposing of him.

TV SeriesEdit

  • In the anime, it is an original character, Burg, who kills Raiga and Fuga, instead of Zarqa and Qasim.

Video Games Edit

  • In Hokuto no Ken for Playstation, all of Raoh's royal guards look and fight like Qasim and Zarqa. This is in both gameplay and in cutscenes such as the victims of the Hokuto Ujo Hagan Ken looking like the two.
  • Shin Hokuto Muso, most of Qasim's dialogue is given to a generic royal guard. Additionally a generic club officer takes Qasim's scene of worrying about Ken-oh executing for failure and informal by Kenshiro that he is already dead anyway.