Qīng Bāng (Chinese: 青幫; Wade-Giles: Ch'ing Pang; Japanese: 青幇; rōmaji: Chinpan) is based on the historical Shanghai-based "Green Gang". In Souten no Ken they used to control Shanghai's underworld through their operations in opium, prostitution and gambling until they lost power after Kenshiro Kasumi left China in 1932. At one point Zhang Taiyan claims that these three sources of revenue are over 200 billion yuan ($32.5 billion in 2013) a year.

They are led by Pan Guanglin and their headquarters is called Dàxīn Shìjiè (Chinese and Japanese: 大新世界; Wade-Giles: Ta Hsin Shih Chieh; rōmaji: Dai Shin Sekai)
The Qīng Bāng are hunted down by the rival organization Honghua Hui and it is estimated that their death toll is over 10,000. Eventually, Kenshiro Kasumi returns the Qing Bang into power.
The organization eventually collapses after the nuclear war.

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