Raiga and Fuga
Raiga and Fuga
Raiga and Fuga, as they appear in the manga.
Name in Kanji ライガ・フウガ
Name in Romaji Raiga, Fūga
Alternate spelling(s) Raiga and Fuuga, Lyga and Fooga
Fighting Style Nishin Fūrai Ken
Allegiance(s) Uighur, Kenshiro
Family Sōjin (master), Mitsu (younger brother)
Position(s) Gatekeepers of Cassandra
Appearances Manga (ch. 54-58), Anime (ep. 39-43)
Voice actor(s) Yūji Mikimoto (Raiga), Ikuya Sawaki (Fūga)
Raiga (ライガ?) and Fūga (フウガ?)
The twin successors of the Nishin Fūraiken (二神風雷拳?, "Dual Gods Wind Thunder Fist") style. They act as guardians of Cassandra but only serve Uighur because he is using their younger brother, Mitsu, as a hostage. After fighting Kenshiro, their lives are spared when Kenshiro senses the sadness reflected in their eyes. In turn, they join his cause, placing their faith in Kenshiro as the savior of Cassandra and its terrible legacy. Whilst trying to save Toki, they fall into a trap set by Qasim and Zarqa, of Ken-Oh's Royal Guard. Even after they are tortured to death, they hold the collapsed ceiling long enough for Kenshiro and company to escape.

TV SeriesEdit

In the anime, they are labelled traitors for not killing Kenshiro, and their brother is executed before them. They are killed by Burg in this version while the latter intends to trap Kenshiro, Toki, Rei and Mamiya inside the collapsing tower.
We are also introduced to their master, Sojin, who had allied himself with Raoh, and is sent to kill Kenshiro. The two brothers fight against him and overcome him with their superior technique, which Sojin recognizes with his last breath.



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