Reika, as she appears in the video-game.
Name in Kanji レイカ
Name in Romaji Reika
Family Hoshimu (fiancé)
Position(s) Hoshimu's fiancée
Appearances Hokuto no Ken (Banpresto)
Voice actor(s) Kazue Ikura
Reika (レイカ Reika?)
Daughter of the Hokuto Sōke village elder and engaged to Hoshimu. When Hoshimu was engulfed by his Evil Fighting Aura, she prayed that he would return to sanity. However, after Hoshimu murders Kuroyasha, she begs Kenshiro to kill her fiancé. Kenshiro defeats Hoshimu with a non-fatal attack and vanquishes his madness, restoring him to normal, where the jubilant Reika rushes to his side.
Her character is based on Sayaka.

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