For the Jubaku no Machi character, see Ren (Jubaku no Machi).
Ren, as he appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji レン
Name in Romaji Ren
Alternate spelling(s) Len
Fighting Style Unknown
Allegiance(s) Beron
Position(s) Bounty Hunter
Appearances Manga (ch. 144), Anime (ep. 117)
Voice actor(s) Kōji Totani
Ren (レン)
A bounty hunter who was once allied with Ein. When Ein joined Bat and Lin's Hokuto Army, he entrusted Asuka to him. However, Ren was secretly on the Imperial Army's side and held Asuka hostage at knife-point when Ein confronted Beron. However, Kenshiro appeared and took the knife Ren was holding and drove it through his head instead.

TV SeriesEdit

In the anime, Ren leads a group of bounty hunters to kidnap Asuka from her home, under orders from Beron.

Video games Edit

Tawaba (Hokuto no Ken 3)

Ren's replacement in Hokuto No Ken 3.

In Hokuto no Ken 3, Tawaba, an original character with Buro's appearance and the name of a popular Danmatsuma takes on Ren's role.
Ren appears using a generic villager officer in Shin Hokuto MusoLegend Mode, he is killed in a cutscene. He also appears as a nameless officer in Ein's dream mode..