Name in Kanji リマ
Name in Romaji Rima
Alternate spelling(s) Retma, Lima
Allegiance(s) n/a
Family Father, Mother (anime only)
Position(s) Child
Voice actor(s) Hiroko Emori

Rima (リマ?) was a young girl who was taken captive by members of the Golan gang led by the Major, along with Lin and other young women. During their transportation to the Golan's hideout of Godland, several men ambushed the Major's troops to reclaim their women, with Rima's father among them. However the rescue attempt failed and Rima's father was captured. Rima then witnessed the beheading of her own father by the Major and although she was eventually rescued by Kenshirō, the shock of seeing her father's gruesome murder left her completely traumatized. Kenshirō tranquilized Rima by pressing her kenmei point and then left in order to seek justice for her.

In the anime version of the story, Rima manages to avoid capture, although both of her parents are taken captive by God's Army (the anime version of the Golan gang) in order to lure out Kenshirō. Both parents end up being executed by the Captain of the God's Army's Search Party. After being tranquilized by Kenshirō, Rima ends up awakening at Johnny's bar under the care of Kei.

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