Rima (Rei Gaiden)
Rima, as he appears in Rei Gaiden.
Name in Kanji リマ
Name in Romaji Rima
Fighting Style Self-taught
Allegiance(s) n/a
Position(s) Former Valkyrie
Appearances Rei Gaiden
Rima (リマ Rima?)
Rima is a character from Rei Gaiden. He is a man of incredible, beast-like strength who uses a self-taught fighting style.
Rima was raised as one of several human experiments by scientists of an unknown country. Along with Frieda, the two of them became known as The B.B (Berserker Brothers) because of their violent strength. After the nuclear holocaust, the two of them escaped and travelled the wasteland and continued to slaughter, until they met Eva, Queen of Asgarðr. She gave new meaning to their lives and made them guardians of the city.
He left the city of Asgarzul after losing to Rofu, who inflicted a large cross-shape scar on his back. Rima returned later on to announce news of Yuda's impending invasion and threw hands with Rei.
After visiting the old research facility for supplies and strength-enhancing drugs, he reunited with Frieda in order to save Yuu from Rofu. They failed but survived the battle and reconciled at Asgarðr after Rofu's death.

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