Rizo, as he appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji リゾ
Name in Romaji Rizo
Fighting Style Nanto Sei Ken
Allegiance(s) Souther
Family none known
Position(s) Member of the Holy Emperor's Army
Appearances Manga (ch. 92), Anime (ep. 65), Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu
Voice actor(s) Tomomichi Nishimura (TV series), Keiichi Sonobe (Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu series)
Rizo (リゾ Rizo?)
Rizo was a member of the Holy Emperor's army who once trained alongside Shuh in the ways of Nanto Seiken. While watching Shuh's torture at the Holy Cross Mausoleum, Rizo pleaded with Souther to allow him to bandage Shuh's wounded legs. Souther agreed, on the condition that Rizo forfeit his own life and that of his family's. Rizo backed down but Shuh thanked him for the gesture.

Shin Kyūseishu DensetsuEdit

In Raoh Den: Junai no Shō, Rizo appears as the leader of the Holy Emperor's troops who attack Reina, a member of Ken-Oh's army. Although Reina is wounded during the attack, she manages to escape to safety. The scene where Rizo tries to help Shuh during his torture was omitted in the movie version.
In the novelization, he is established to be Souther's aide and is present when Kenshiro is captured, as well as when the Holy Emperor's army storms the Resistance movement's hideout. However, the man who attacks Reina in the novelization is made into a different character and the scene where Rizo tries to help Shuh is restored.

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