Sōga in Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu.
Name in Kanji ソウガ
Name in Romaji Sōga
Alternate spelling(s) Soga, Souga
Fighting Style Sūzan Senpū Kyaku
Allegiance(s) Raoh
Family Reina (younger sister)
Position(s) Strategist of the King of Fist Army (拳王軍の軍師, Ken'ō Gun no Gunshi)
Appearances Ten no Haoh, Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu.
Voice actor(s) Unshō Ishizuka (True Savior Legend)
Masaya Matsukaze (Ten no Haoh)
Souga (ソウガ, Sōga)
First appearing in the True Savior Legend series, Souga is a childhood friend of Raoh from the Land of Shura, and master of Sūzan Senpū Kyaku (嵩山旋風脚, "Songshan Whirlwind Kick"). He and his younger sister, Reina, left their homeland to join Raoh's conquest, with Souga becoming a military strategist. His ultimate wish is to unite Raoh with the other two Hokuto brothers (Toki and Kenshiro) in order to achieve supremacy.
Already dying of an affliction, Souga stages a fake assassination attempt on Raoh's life and dies by his leader's hand, in an effort to discipline the troops who were resting on their laurels. Later on, the details of this plot are revealed to Reina in a letter written by her brother, where she learns that Raoh and the assassin were both in on the act.

Ten no Haoh

The Ten no Haoh spin-off covers Souga at the beginning of Raoh's rise to power. He has the nickname Souga the Swift Foot (韋駄天のソウガ, Idaten no Sōga) but loses his right leg to a trap at Cassandra whilst helping Raoh and Reina escape, and replaces it with a mechanical prosthetic. After meeting Ryuga, he abandons his humanity and becomes a "demon" for the sake of Raoh's conquest. Souga is dealt a fatal blow during a battle with Gaiya, sentencing him to only two months to live.