Saki, as she appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji サキ
Name in Romaji Saki
Allegiance(s) Yuria
Family Temujina (older brother)
Position(s) Yuria's maid
Appearances Anime (ep. 12-21, 73)
Voice actor(s) Kazumi Amemiya (ep. 12-21)
Yumiko Shibata (ep. 73)
Saki is a character who appears only in the Hokuto no Ken television series. She was a young girl transferred to Shin's palace at Southern Cross to serve as Yuria's personal maid. During this time, she begins to sympathize with Yuria's plight and aids in her attempted escape from Southern Cross, only to be foiled by Shin at the last moment.
Saki's older brother Temujina served as Yuria's messenger to Kenshiro, however he was fatally wounded during his escape, but with his dying breaths he told Kenshiro the location of Southern Cross. Shin punished Saki for her treachery by banishing her back to her home village.
Later in the series, after the fall of the KING organization, Saki returned to Southern Cross and tended to Shin and Yuria's graves. Ryuga appeared at this time to pay his respects.


  • Although an anime-only character, a character called Saki also appears in the spin-off manga Yuria Gaiden and acts as a handmaid to Yuria.


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