Saki (yuria gaiden)
Saki, as she appears in Yuria Gaiden.
Name in Kanji サキ
Name in Romaji Saki
Position(s) Yuria's handmaid
Appearances Yuria Gaiden
Saki (サキ Saki?)
A young girl who serves as Yuria's handmaid before the nuclear war. She is present with Yuria at the Nanto Temple to witness Shin's triumph in the Nanto Jūnin Kumite. She later stops Shin and Juza from fighting by pretending to call for the Nanto Bishop.
A birthday party is held for her by Yuria and Juza on board a yacht, but Shin gatecrashes the party and ruins the event. Juza fights Shin to avenge the heartbroken Saki.


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