Samoto (manga)
Samoto, as he appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji サモト
Name in Romaji Samoto
Fighting Style Unknown
Position(s) Asura
Appearances Manga (ch. 201-206), Anime (ep. 149-150)
Samoto (サモト)
A thin, mustachioed Asura with a ducktail hairstyle and a posh appearance. Samoto sends his subordinates to invade villages looking for a bride for him. Samoto has little success due to his dimwitted and violent subordinates frightening away prospective brides with their terrifying appearances. He discovers the unconscious Lin on the back of Kaioh's horse after having her Shikanhaku (死環白) vital point struck, cursing her to fall in love with the next man she lays eyes on. Samoto is grateful to finally have found a maiden and a beautiful one at that, Samoto primps up himself a plans to make her his wife.
As he waits impatiently for Lin to awaken, unknowing of the point struck, Numeri turns up and slaughters Samoto's minions before striking Samoto's head off with one finger.

TV seriesEdit

In the TV series, Samoto and Numeri are combined into one character bearing Numeri's appearance but with Samoto's name and sophistication.
Confusingly, a character resembling the original Samoto also briefly appears in the TV series among the minions of the "anime Samoto."

Notes Edit

  • In the DVD extras, there are model sheets for the series. There is a model sheet of Manga Samoto labeled Samoto, while the "anime Samoto" is simply labeled Numeri. This indicates at one point, Samoto and Numeri were separate characers in the anime, while the Manga Samoto's modelsheet was ultimatley recycled for an extra.
  • Samoto identifies Numeri by name before he dies, implying they know each other.