Sancho, as he appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji サンチョ
Name in Romaji Sancho
Fighting Style Armored tank
Allegiance(s) Rock, Kenshiro
Position(s) Cowboy
Appearances Anime (ep. 131-133)
Voice actor(s) Masaharu Sato
Sancho (サンチョ Sancho?)
One of the six cowboys who rode with Rock, Sancho was recognizable by his bulky frame, his brown poncho, and the large sombrero on his head. He seemed to favor an ambush style of combat with his fists and the occasional grenade.
During the fight with Hyoh and his private army, Sancho hijacked an armored tank by knocking out the drivers. He attempted to ram Hyoh's vehicle, but was thwarted when the Rasho's men drove another tank into the stolen vehicle. Sancho was trapped under the toppled tank and presumed dead afterwards, but he still had enough life in him to grab the men sent to check his body, leaving them trapped for a suicide attack by grenade.

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