08 sanga
Sanga, as he appears in Jubaku no Machi.
Name in Kanji サンガ
Name in Romaji Sanga
Fighting Style Unknown
Family Seiji (son), Yura (sister)
Position(s) Ruler of Last Land
Appearances Jubaku no Machi, Shin Hokuto no Ken
Voice actor(s) Unshō Ishizuka
Sanga (サンガ)
Appearing in the novel Jubaku no Machi and its animated adaptation Shin Hokuto no Ken, Sanga was dictator of the city Last Land. Known for being manipulative and ambitious, he controlled the people by making false idols, such as Bista and Sāra.
He was killed by Kenshiro, who then left the city to retrieve medicine for the sick Bista. During this time, Last Land was usurped by Sanga's estranged son, Seiji, who had come too late to take revenge on his father.
Sanga was cruel and hard towards his son, abandoning him in the wasteland when he was still a child. It was later revealed that Sanga did this because he loved Seiji and wanted him to become stronger in such harsh times.