Sāra, as she appears in Jubaku no Machi.
Name in Kanji サーラ
Name in Romaji Sāra
Alternate spelling(s) Sahra
Fighting Style Hokuto Shin Ken Healing Art
Allegiance(s) n/a
Position(s) Healer
Appearances Jubaku no Machi, Shin Hokuto no Ken
Voice actor(s) Yurika Hino, Sanae Kobayashi (young Sāra)
Sara (サーラ, Sāra)
Sāra was a healer in Freedom Village, who healed people with her inherited knowledge of vital points. Kenshiro speculates that her style is a medicinal branch of Hokuto Shinken. She was also taught one destructive technique by her father - Hakki Meishin Ha (発気鳴震波, White Aura Shockwave), which she later used to help Kenshiro escape imprisonment.
Her life was saved by Seiji in the past when attacked by a feral dog(similiar to the story with Raoh and Tou). Because of this, she feels compassion for him even after he conquers Last Land and takes her prisoner.