Satora (manga)
Satora, as he appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji サトラ
Name in Romaji Satora
Alternate spelling(s) none
Fighting Style Daijō Nan Ken
Allegiance(s) n/a
Family Asam (father)
Kai (older brother)
Bukoh (older brother)
Sara (younger sister)
Luseli (fiancée)
Position(s) Viceroy of Sava
Appearances Manga (ch. 221-236)
Satora (サトラ)
The third Viceroy of Sava and the youngest son of Asam. He was born under the sign of the Yellow Emperor. After the death of Kai and Asam, he concedes the throne to Bukoh, and leaves for Blanca to be with his betrothed, Luseli.
However, Satora learns that Blanca has become a dangerous nation led by Baran, who has kidnapped Luseli. Along with Kenshiro and Ryu, he sets out to end Baran's reign.

Character RatingEdit

From Hokuto no Ken: Kyūkyoku Kaisetsusho: Seikimatsu Haō Retsuden.

  • Level: C
  • Power: 3
  • Speed: 3
  • Skills: 2
  • Looks: 5
  • Charisma: 3