Saya, as she appears in Yuria Gaiden.
Name in Kanji サヤ
Name in Romaji Saya
Position(s) Yuria's friend
Appearances Yuria Gaiden
Saya (サヤ Saya?)
A young girl whose father serves as a priest at the Nanto temple. She accompanies Yuria and Kenshiro to the Hokuto temple because she has a crush on Toki. Shortly after, her father dies in a blaze at the Nanto Temple, where she learns that Yuria had foreseen his death. Yuria confides in Kenshiro when she predicts Saya dying of a painful disease, and curses the helplessness of her visions. However, with Kenshiro's help, Saya is able to express her love for Yuria and die in peace instead of pain.

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