Sayaka (manga)
Sayaka, as she appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji サヤカ
Name in Romaji Sayaka
Allegiance(s) n/a
Family Ryuou (ancestor)
Hahaja (unnamed mother)
Kaioh (older brother)
Raoh (older brother)
Toki (older brother)
Hyoh (fiance)
Ryu (nephew)
Appearances Manga (ch. 189), Anime (ep. 139-140)
Voice actor(s) Gara Takashima
Sayaka (サヤカ?)
The younger sister of Kaioh and fiancée of Hyoh. While she's waiting for Hyoh to return to the castle, Kaioh approaches her and questions the feelings she has for Hyoh. The Rasho then kills her by surprise and frames Kenshiro for her death in order to plunge Hyoh into madness and awaken his demonic aura.

TV seriesEdit

In the anime, Sayaka also meets Lin, who was kidnapped by Kaioh, and protects her at the castle. Sayaka reveals her dream to cross the sea with Hyoh once peace has been restored to Shura. After her death at Kaioh's hand, the people mourn that she was Shura's last hope.


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